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The old bikerodnkustom.com is now BIKERODNKUSTOM.NET

Founded in 1998, BikeRod&Kustom is the World-Wide WebZine devoted to the needs and interests of Bicycle Creators and appreciators of Bicycle Design as a Creative Medium.
​"Jim Wilson's BIKERODNKUSTOM.NET"...In January 2011 the Kustom Bicycle world lost a leader, the founder of this website. Jim Wilson was a family man, a lifelong fabricator, the art director for the Mr Bill tv series and a bicycle fanatic/Wizard Brothers.

In Jims' memory close friends John Brain (Canada) and Carlos Montoya (USA) are working on the next generation. To submit your finished work or interviews you've done to be entered in the next issue of BR&K 2012 our new email address is bikerodnkustom@gmail.com, if you have old links on your site to the BR&K.com site please note our web address is now "bikerodnkustom.net".

Special Thanks to Wizard Brothers' Kas, Stevie and Dave Wilson.